2 May


Hiya busy Olokians!

Our Oloko says thank you for all the flowers she got from you last week. Big thanks to MissHoneyXD, because this Olokian fed Oloko the most! Winners of the group task are the Deika. Well done!

This week Oloko has a bit of a cold and would like to eat Smelly Cheese!!

I also only really eat that when my nose is blocked. At least I can’t smell it then…but maybe Oloko’s nose isn’t as sensitive ;)

Ready, steady, GO!

Your Nico

Hiya dear Olokians!

There’s something I’d really like to know. Here on Oloko you all are real pro gardeners. You plant, water and harvest awesome plants all year round. Now that spring has arrived even in the real world, I find myself wondering:

Are you hobby gardeners in real life, too? If so, what do you plant? Flowers or veggies or fruit or…?

Talk to me! Certain plants like the Heart Flower only exist on Oloko. Oloko has a real hankering for that one this week.

Help her satisfy her appetite and be our weekly winner!

This week, the prize goes to MissHoneyXD, because he fed the most cacti to Oloko. Group winners are the Deika.

Have a great week!
Your Marla :)



Nico, what’s up? Are you hurt?

No, not really. Just in my head. I just found out what Oloko would like to eat this week: Cacti!! :shock:



Why not just swallow fire? That must hurt going down her throat!

Don’t worry, Oloko has a healthy set of jaws that will help her mush everything up first. Turtles don’t have teeth. Did you know that?

Well, that makes me feel a bit better. I will go and give her a cactus then. But first I’d like to announce last week’s winner. It is… andrew7709. Well done! Group winners are the Deika!

Have fun on Oloko!
Your blog reporters Nico
and Marla


12 Apr

Buttered Up

Hiya cool Olokians,

I know I haven’t written in a while, so I wanted to let you know I’m still around. I have spent a lot of time in my hammock over the past few weeks, taking in the crisp spring air and listening to the birds tweeting. I could listen to that for hours on end. I have barely managed to do any work, but please don’t tell Nico or Marla ;)


I’ll probably start back up this week, maybe…after all, Oloko is very hungry! This week, she wants to eat nothing but fresh butter.

Just like that, no bread. Oloko is so tough. She must have a very strong tummy, if she can just stomach whole sticks of butter. Awesome!



Last week’s winners are also pretty awesome: autunmleaves. Group winners are the Deika. Thumbs up!


Right, I’m off to get some sun again. Have a great spring week and stay chilled.

Your Bill Chill


Hiya dear Olokians!!

Yaaayy, it’s finally Easter this week! I wonder which new hiding places my parents have come up with this year. I already know most of them ;) Because I am a a rabbit, I am especially looking forward to Easter, it’s one of my species who takes the lead there – the Easter bunny.

I spent all last week decorating my house and colouring Easter eggs. I also found an egg warmer that I knitted a few years ago. Kinda cool, right?


Oloko is in the mood for Easter this week, too. She’s even forgetting all about her diet to eat chocolate all week. Such a sweet tooth!


You can spare a bit of your Easter chocolate for Oloko, right?

Last week’s winner are MissHoneyXD and sonia500 with 160 clover leaves. Group winners are the Deika. Congratulations!

Have a marvellous Easter and enjoy your chocolate bunnies ;)

Your Nico

Hello dear Olokians,

Only one week left now!

What’s in a week?

Easter, of course! Have you forgotten all about it? I’m totally in decoration mode. Here a sheep figurine, there a nest and a few coloured eggs. It’s fun! Have you decorated your house for Easter yet?

Ooops, no, I haven’t. But I will start RIGHT AWAY. House, designer Nico is cooooooming.

…and he’s off. Nico can be weird sometimes. That’s artists for you ;) Technically, Nico wanted to announce the winners again, but I’ll just take over. Right. This week, the winners are MissHoneyXD and sonia500. I’ll bet you spent a long time in front of the oven ;) Group winners are the Deika.

Oloko is sticking with her diet and would like to eat nothing but clover this week.


Luckily you don’t need to search Oloko for too long to find a four-leaf clover. Have you ever found one in real life?

Good luck!

Hiya dear Olokians!

Did you miss me? I missed you! Our winter holiday was a lot of fun, but I missed the warm weather and the Olokians, who are always in a good mood ;)

Wow, slick. Make sure you don’t slip :D

:oops: I’m only saying what I think! I don’t have to be ashamed of that. But technically, I wanted to tell you that Oloko gained a whopping 90 kg last week :!: That’s because of all the greasy burgers she ate. That’s why this week, she’s on a diet! There’s only dry foods for her now – like Sand Cake.


Last week’s winner is ninjatrder. Group winners are the Deika.

Have fun baking!

Your Nico and Bill

Hiya dear Olokians!

Have you had a nice week? Nico and I had a really good time in the mountains. Just us, the mountains, snow and a few cool stunts, he he. Did you go on your winter holiday yet?

:D Bill, you really are a little behind, aren’t you? It’s warm outside, the sun is shining and the first crocuses are showing themselves. SPRING is coming and you’re asking questions about winter.

So? Bet I’ll be the quickest to announce last week’s winners. It’s…

Ilovewaffles54 & sonia500! Group winners are the Deika. Ha! :mrgreen:

No problem! I’ll tell you what Oloko is hungry for this week instead: burgers!

Mhhh, yummy! Sounds scrumptious.

Have a nice week!

and Marla

Hiya dear Olokians,

Today it’s only me writing here, because Bill Chill and Nico went on holiday into the mountains. I bet they’re having a snowball fight right about now :lol:

I hope you gathered a lot of snow for our dear turtle last week?
MissHoneyXD fed 400 buckets of snow to Oloko and is our individual winner. Congratulations :-) Congratulations also to the DEIKA, our latest group winners.


Now it’s time for the new weekly task. Oloko unfortunately is a little ill, so she neeeds some turtle medicine:

Have a sunny day,

Your Marla

Hiya Olokians,

There’s been snow since Sunday! But only for Oloko’s tummy ;-) Quickly go to Sugar Peak and collect a bucket full of snow and bring it to our turtle.

Did you go away for your winter holidays? Bill Chill and I will do some snowboarding in the mountains next week. We’re so looking forward to it :-D But we’ll only leave on Saturday, because I totally don’t want to miss GOLD DAY on Friday. You wouldn’t want to miss out either, would you? ;-)

Group winners this week are the DEIKA and the individual winner is 1jojo1 . Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy your prizes,

Your Nico